The All New ScootStar - Starting at only $1599

RaceStar 50

RaceStar 50 Scooter

Sleek, Edgy, top of its class. The RaceStar 50 makes a statement wherever it goes. This is what a scooter is supposed to be.

HoneyStar 50

HoneyStar 50 Scooter

Fashionable, timeless, poised to take on the city. The HoneyStar 50 Sets the bar for classic styling with a modern touch.

ScootStar Logo

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ScootStar is a new line for 2019. Coming from a company that has proven their quality year after year and earned a reputation for one of the best in the business. 

We are excited to now carry the Affordable, Sexy ScootStar

These units come with a 1 year warranty

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